Dear customers, specially appreciate visitors .............., the small company WirblerMirbler offers NOW also SMALL PRODUCT-ANALYZES with 15 long term meassurement results and 9 long term final results ........................... Prize : 545,00 Euro/Analyze ...............Your Analytical Friend - Products, Goods, Products, Layout -Wirbler Mirberler MirblerWirbler ................. Business comes after in your preferred language if you translateted the website with google or microsoft....Ref.-Nr. : 0,5948914431673052362707535121328224776500638569604086845466155810983397190293742017879.


Creative Analytical Layouts
after long-standing numbers

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Third step

Then choose to analyze your appropriate topic category here to the right and let you forward !

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To which topic category does your selected catchwords belong to analyze ?

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Which catchwords do you analyze according to 63 measurement results ? Find your topic !

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If you've already gained experience on how to rank your layouts, use our ready-made forms to complete your layout features

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Of course you have to send your layout datas to us in order to let analyze your layout !

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Layout Analysis

Price: Euro 997,00
         / 63 Long-Term Analysis
         pure mathematical Reports



ou will receive an opinion on your own illustrated either by pictures or drawings to wirbler & mirbler or through your returned product to us. This report is ecologically geared to long-term numbers. In total, you will receive 54 measured numbers and nine additional endpoints per product analysis. These numbers rate your product on an ecological basis

   If you want to think of a topic with keywords for your layout analysis you can use our designed tools (online)

   If you want to think offline a layouthema with catchphrases you can best use our SCL generator for which you would have downloaded as an .exe file
         This often causes problems with the skills of the user. You can take a look at our SCL generator download guide here

   Or if you want, you can easily download our regular form which you can then fill out and send us to an analysis job

   do a layout analysis with the support

   Or you can of course also for offline use an office form with the same procedures download