Dear customers, specially appreciate visitors .............., the small company WirblerMirbler offers NOW also SMALL PRODUCT-ANALYZES with 15 long term meassurement results and 9 long term final results ........................... Prize : 734,00 Euro/Analyze ...............Your Analytical Friend - Products, Goods, Products, Layout -Wirbler Mirberler MirblerWirbler ................. Business comes after in your preferred language if you translateted the website with google or microsoft....Ref.-Nr. : 0,5948914431673052362707535121328224776500638569604086845466155810983397190293742017879.


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Also in analysing programm:
Stuck objects such as buildings, public spaces, public facilities and so on are analyzed by us for long numbers. Especially places with a high number of visitors demand a prefabricated ecological prerequisite. The frequency of visitors thanks you!

Product Analysis

Price: Euro 1345,00
         / 54 Long-Term Analysis
         pure mathematical Reports



ou will receive an opinion on your own illustrated either by pictures or drawings to wirbler & mirbler or through your returned product to us. This report is ecologically geared to long-term numbers. In total, you will receive 54 measured numbers and nine additional endpoints per product analysis. These numbers rate your product on an ecological basis

   normal products and goodsNormal products are everyday products that are in your hands and in question for analysis. Whether multiple products or just one product is irrelevant in this context. Even if you have a product that has been attracting your attention for a long time because you want to analyze it, you will be properly redirected here

   products in and /
   or from the construction kitProducts in and / or from the construction kit are stored together and used for assembly. Here you can measure these individual construction boxes with products according to long-term numerical analysis values

   assembly - products - supply chain Here are detailed explanations regarding supply chain and the possibility of analyzes by long-term numerical values for these and their environment

   products - purchasing departmentThe purchasing department orders the required products. these can be output by the analysis values according to long-term numerical value results

   products - assemblyCompanies that do a lot of assembly work can receive long-term analysis results in exchange for a business contract with the monthly worklist

   related products in different variantsYou mount and offer several options for your product. Here you can create an analysis of the products which redraws these and the variations according to long-term numerical analysis values

   products for material departmentIn your materials department, many material needs to be processed. These are given by the initial material and you ask where this material in modules, items and much more occurs. For this we recommend you to put together a part usage certificate of your products. Once the products have been analyzed, you can then easily use the desired analysis numbers in the relevant parts use report.!

Of course, further products can be analyzed by us.
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